Hiking & Trail Maps

Sequoia High Sierra Camp is located within a short hike from the Marvin Pass Trailhead. Numerous scenic hikes. Meadows, lakes, streams, and mountain overlooks are only a couple of hours hike directly from camp. Some of the most popular trails include Seville Lake, Mitchell Peak, Rowell Meadow, and Redwood Canyon. Trails are available for all skill levels of hikers, from little more than a leisurely stroll to a strenuous hike.

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Our luxury camp offers a multitude of activities ranging from hiking, fly fishing, star gazing, and photography. Horseback riding is offered at nearby Horse Corral Pack Station. Finish off your day sitting around the community campfire with your fellow camp guests.

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Retreats and Weddings

Sequoia High Sierra Camp is able to entertain small groups for events like corporate retreats, family reunions, and even destination weddings. Able to accommodate 60 guests, Sequoia High Sierra Camp is a unique venue for any type of retreat.

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Bird Watching

At Sequoia High Sierra Camp there are a wide variety of birds indigenous to the area to discover. The opportunity to find, identify and observe many of the different species in their environment is unlike any you’ll find at other camp sites. The Green-tailed Towhee, Pileated Woodpecker, Northern Flicker and Western Screech-Owl are just a few of the birds you’ll encounter on your hikes across our vast and beautiful camp. We have a bird watchers guide on our website with pictures, descriptions and even audio clips with each bird’s call to help you identify each species on your bird watching excursions. While you’re out there take a few a photos and share them with us on our face book page. Happy watching!

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Sequoia Trees

Located not far from our camp is the Sequoia National Park. This park is home to the worlds largest and most majestic of trees, the Giant Sequoia and Redwood. Sequoias reach an average height of (164 to 279 ft) and can live up to 3000 years. The oldest Sequoia on record however is the “General Sherman” estimated to be over 2000 years old. Walking amongst these giants is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. To read more on the Sequoia read the article on our website for more details.

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Wild Flowers

An added benefit to hiking across our vast and picturesque camp is seeing all the beautiful wild flowers strewn across the environment. Whether you’re walking along trails or admiring lush green hills the wildflowers are a sight to behold. Sequoia High Sierra Camp offers our patrons a chance to view these flowers with their many varied shapes and colors that adorn the striking landscape. Feel free to utilize our Flower Book on our website compiled, photographed and written by Fred Schenkelberg to take with you on hiking trips to help you in identifying flowers across the camp.

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