Sequoia National Park

Ecompassing over 400,000 acres of protected forest and mountain terrain, the Sequoia National Park is part of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks system. Originally established in the 1890's, California protected this natural beauty which is part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

The Sequoia National Park is known for its towering trees, the giant sequoias, and is home to some of the tallest trees on earth. One tree of particular note is the General Sherman tree, standing at over 98 feet tall with a diameter of over 6 feet. To learn more about the park's famous trees, please visit our sequoia trees section.

The park is also home to many wildlife inhabitants including the badger, coyote, black bear, deer, fox, cougar, bighorn sheep and a variety of birds. You'll be sure to spot one or more of these natural creatures in the wild while taking in all the splendor that the park has to offer.

Much of the park is roadless and maintains the natural wilderness which is great for exploring and hiking. Several day trips are accessible from the Sequoia High Sierra Camp to give you a place to come back home to at night to relax and rejuvinate. Plan your daily adventures with access to trails and daily outings including: Rowell Meadow, Mitchell Peak, Seville Lake, Lookout Point, Lookout Peak, Cedar Grove and more.

Most importantly, to enjoy your stay and adventures it's important to find proper Sequoia National Park lodging. With several options available, the true adventurer looking to be emmersed in nature while enjoying some rustic luxuries at night, the best place to stay is in our sequoia cabins. Our cabins provide all of the accomodations and amenities you need with an outdoor feel and luxurious furnishings.

Sequoia National Park sign

Sequoia Park Mountains

Sequoia Lookout