Glamping in the Sequoias

One thing is for sure...camping has evolved over time. Some adventure seekers long to be emmersed in the great outdoors, while retiring to a rustic, but comfy setting at the end of each long day. While basic camping is fun, from time-to-time, it's nice to be able to enjoy some of the amenities of a resort or hotel right at your very own campsite...recently termed Sequoia glamping.

Glamping in the Sequoia National Park is a great way to enjoy all of the parks splendour while recharging and relaxing. When you visit the Sequoia National Park or Kings Canyon and seek lodging, look no further than the Sequoia High Sierra Camp. Built with comfort in mind, this wilderness retreat provides all of the luxuries of a resort in an rugged, outdoor setting.

Features and benefits:

  • Over 30 spacious cabins
  • Dining Pavillion with Fireplace
  • Central Bath House
  • Modern Toilets
  • Hot Showers
  • 3 Delicious Meals

The camp setting at the Sequoia High Sierra Canmp boasts some of the greatest views while offering access to the comforts you desire. After your day out in nature, come back and relax at your canvas cabin retreat, equipped with artisan furniture, plush top mattresses and down feather pillows. Enjoy a casual and elegant dining experience prepared by a talented chef and pair your meal with a fine wine or craft beer. You'll wonder why you never glamped in the Sequoias this way before.

Cabin Room