10 Benefits of a Trip to the Sierra Nevada

You have many options for planning your next vacation. But for an experience that has the potential to be eye-opening, awe-inspiring, and even life-changing, it’s hard to beat a visit to the Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness area.

California’s natural beauty is well-known throughout the world, and the Sierra Nevada region can be considered the crown jewel of the Golden State. In addition to the splendid beauty of the landscape, here are 10 reasons to make this area—and Sequoia High Sierra Camp—your next vacation destination.

You’ll get plenty of exercise.

Vacationing in the Sierra-Kings Canyon Wilderness means having access to some of the best hiking trails in the world. It’s almost impossible to visit these parks and their surrounding areas and not spend your days soaking in your surroundings and the incredible vistas via the huge network of trails.

You get a chance to fully unplug from daily life.

Although Sequoia High Sierra Camp is a glamping experience complete with many amenities, it doesn’t mean you have to treat your visit like you’re still at the office. Get away from it all while you’re physically away from it all by unplugging as much as possible and simply enjoying the splendor of California’s natural beauty and wildlife.

You can escape from your comfort zone.

In addition to world-class hiking, you’ll also have access to activities such as fly fishing, horseback riding, birdwatching, and wildlife watching. Spending a week in the wilderness in comfortable surroundings is an ideal way to get out of a rut and to push yourself to see, do, and experience more than what’s possible in your daily life at home.

You can bond with your family and friends.

Vacations are always a great opportunity to create new memories and experiences, especially with family members and close friends. Trips to places like the Sierra Wilderness create memories that can last a lifetime and strengthen bonds with the people you’re closest to.

You’ll gain a greater appreciation for nature.

Nature is all around us—not just in scenic national parks. But spending time in these gorgeous getaways can make it easier to appreciate the natural world when you go back home, whether it’s during your drive to work or even your own backyard.

You’ll get a boost of creativity.

Changing your surroundings is one of the most surefire ways to boost creativity. And there’s no place quite like the great outdoors for accomplishing this. It’s hard to walk away from some of the scenic viewpoints located in and around our camp and not come away with new inspiration and creativity.

You can see the night sky like never before.

Light pollution is a real phenomenon, and studies show that around 80% of the world’s population lives in light-polluted areas. That means they don’t see the night sky as it truly is—instead, they see a dimmed version due to nearby artificial lighting. Spending even a single night at Sequoia High Sierra Camp can dramatically change your perception and appreciation of the night sky.

You can see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Trips to the zoo are great for seeing animals that you would otherwise never view with your own eyes, but it’s a completely different experience to witness them in their own habitats. Animals you may spot during your trip include black bears, badgers, beavers, wolverines, mountain lions, foxes, turtles, and more than 200 species of birds.

You’ll enjoy fresh air.

Light pollution isn’t the only pollution a huge percentage of the world’s population deals with. Air pollution is also extremely widespread, especially in some of California’s most populous areas. With 865,964 acres and 1,353 square miles of wilderness between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, you’ll have access to some of the cleanest, undisturbed air in the world.

You can see the largest trees on earth.

Giant sequoia trees are the largest trees on earth, standing over 200-feet in height and having trunks dozens of feet in diameter. In fact, the largest tree in the world—General Sherman—is a giant sequoia located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park.