Student Employment at Sequoia High Sierra Camp, June-September

Job Description: The candidate is expected to:

  • Serve meals. All the meals are prepared on site by our full-time chef. Serving and cleaning the dining hall is a big part of the job. Dinner is a five-course affair.
  • Clean and maintain the tented cabins. This can be physically challenging as the tented cabins are situated on the side of a mountain. The bathhouse needs to be cleaned and kept sparkling at all times.
  • Laundry is done on the premises. This will be an on-going and shared responsibility by all employees.
  • Hosting is a very important part of the job. We serve high-end and demanding guests. The candidate will need to learn all the physical environs of the camp, including the hiking trails. He will need to be able to clearly communicate to the guests the directions of all available hikes. He needs to understand maps and direct guests in using our maps.

A love for the outdoors and being in good physical condition would highly be recommended. The hours should work out to a minimum of forty hours a week. There will be regular shifts, on-call shifts, or a mixture of all three. Due to the number of employees and guests, the hours may increase or decrease. We do expect our employees to follow standard USA employment practices, if they wish to leave our employment, of providing two weeks notice.

Room and board are provided for a charge of $25 per day, and the job pays the California minimum wage per hour, $13 per hour plus tips. We will need employees to arrive at Camp a week beforehand to help with setup. We will also need the employees to stay a few days after closing to help take down the Camp, as long as the closing operation conforms with US State Department rules for your home county.

If interested, please email a resume w/ personal picture to info@sequoiahighsierracamp.com