You can reach the Sequoia High Sierra Camp from Yosemite via Fresno (via Highway 41 and 180) This route enters the Sequoia/King's Canyon National Park boundaries from the west; there is no road access from the east.

We suggest that you turn off your GPS and follow these instructions. First, take route 41 south and 180 from Fresno – it is an easier drive, less winding and not as prone to traffic and/or road maintenance delays. Following are driving directions from both directions:

Directions from Yosemite:
Take highway 41 south from Yosemite Valley to Fresno. Exit off highway 41 to Kings Canyon Highway 180 east. There is no gas in the park so fill up in Squaw Valley of Dunlap. Travel east on 180 all the way to the park entrance (about 53 miles). Sequoia and Kings Canyon share the same park entrance gates. One mile past the entrance, turn right at the "Y" fork to enter Sequoia National Park. You will now be on the Generals Highway. Follow this road for 8 miles an on your right you will see the Big Baldy Trailhead sign. Soon after the Big Baldy sign, look to the left and you will turn left onto the Big Meadows/Horse Corral Road. This road is marked with a sign indicating horseback riding. Turn left onto this road.

Please read our Hiking In page for directions from Big Meadow/Horse Corral Road to camp.