Sequoia High Sierra Camp near Sequoia National Park Due to Sequoia High Sierra Camp's remote location, some GPS systems (especially those used on a phone) will not be of much help. Towards the end of your travels, the roads become little more than gravel drives. Because of this, we have written turn by turn directions from several of the larger city/areas around. We have also included things to look for so that you know you are going in the right direction. Use the links below to get turn-by-turn directions.

Hiking In

Our Camp requires a short hike to access the camp. From this base location many trails, meadows, mountains and forests are accessible.

Map From Your Current Location

Use Google Maps to get directions from your current location.

The Bay Area

We suggest you use the directions provided when traveling from the Bay Area towards Fresno instead of your GPS system. Get directions to Sequoia High Sierra Camp from The Bay Area.

Southern California

Read directions to Sequoia High Sierra Camp from Southern California.


Get directions to our camp from Fresno/Visalia.

Giant Sequoia National Monument

Read a little about Giant Sequoia National Monument and get directions to our camp.

Yosemite National Park

If you're coming to the camp from Yosemite National Park, please use the directions offered in the link.

Sequoia National Park

Read the directions for getting to Sequoia High Sierra Camp from Sequoia National Park.

Kings Canyon National Park

Get directions from Kings Canyon National Park to Sequoia High Sierra Camp.