A Hike-In Camp

Sequoia High Sierra Camp is a comfortable home base from which to explore spectacular back-country lakes, meadows, mountains, and forest - or simply relax with a good book or afternoon siesta.

One Mile Route

meadows in Sequoia National Park From Highway 180 (Fresno): Follow signage past the park entrance to Sequoia National Park (right turn at Y intersection). You will be on the Generals Highway; follow this road for 6 miles until you reach the Big Meadows Horse Corral Road. This road is marked with a sign. Turn left onto this road.

From Highway 198 (Visalia): Follow the Generals Highway into Sequoia National Park. 16.7 miles past the Wuksachi Lodge is the Big Meadows Horse Corral Road. This road is marked with a sign. Turn right onto this road.

  • Follow the Big Meadows Horse Corral Road for 12.5 miles until you reach the Sequoia High Sierra Camp/Marvin Pass Turn off. Important: there are numerous turnouts on this road; always stay on the paved road. Along the paved road, you will pass several campgrounds, drive over a couple of single lane bridges and past the turn off to Horse Corral Pack Station

  • Just before the end of the paved road, you will see a small sign directing hikers to turn right. You will also see a sign board with the initials SHSC, also directing you to turn right. SHSC are the initials for Sequoia High Sierra Camp. This is an important road mark, so please take care not to miss it!

  • For the next 2.5 miles, the road is unpaved, dusty and narrow (single lane in numerous spots.). Please watch for potholes and other vehicles. This section of road is not recommended for low profile vehicles. Once again, there are several turnouts on this road; always stay on the main roadway.

  • At the end of the road you will be at the Marvin Pass Trailhead Parking Lot. This is where you will park to hike into the Sequoia High Sierra Camp. Park your vehicle and look for two large informational boards.

  • To the left of these informational boards, you will see a post with a small metal box (angled). This is a trail registration form and needs to be filled out by all hikers. The trail begins at this box. Follow the SHSC signs to the Camp

  • The trail is well marked with "SHSC" (Sequoia High Sierra Camp) signage. The trail climbs a total of 300 feet (mostly toward the beginning) and leads directly to the Camp Dining pavilion (total hiking distance: slightly less than 1 mile).