Camp Overview

Built as a comfortable retreat in the High Sierra Wilderness, the Sequoia High Sierra Camp has all the trappings of a resort, but in a rugged outdoor setting. Within a short hike or drive are numerous hiking trails, streams, lakes, meadows, and peaks. Sequoia High Sierra Camp is the last Sequioa National Park cabins and lodging opportunity before entering the wilderness. Accommodations include cabins with plush mattresses, innovative cuisine, and creature comforts not typically offered with camping.

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Ecological Design

Sequoia High Sierra Camp prides itself on leaving as little impact on the surround environment as possible. Natural materials, solar path lighting, care to preserve native vegetation, and little impact to the natural flow of the land all add to the ecological appeal of Sequoia High Sierra Camp.

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Sequoia High Sierra Camp is a hike in camp. Guests are requires to hike into the camp from the Marvin Pass Trailhead.

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Hiking In

Our Camp requires a short hike to access the camp. From this base location many trails, meadows, mountains and forests are accessible.

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What to Bring

Unlike typical camping, Sequoia High Sierra Camp handles most of the necessary items: shelter, meals, toiletries, and linens. Guests are recommended to bring more personal items including clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, and, of course, a camera.

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Road Conditions

Sequoia High Sierra Camp requires a 13 mile drive from the park's main highway, then a one mile hike on Nationak Park Trail. Drive and hike are required to reach our location.

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Our camp is located at more than 8,282 feet above sea level. We recommend that guests give themselves time to acclimate to this rise in elevation.

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